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EmblemeEmblem 44. Of the Secrets of Nature.

Typhon kills OsyrisOsiris by deceiptdeceit, and dispersethdisperses the parts of his body on
all sides, but the famous Isis gathered them together.

Engraved by Verovio 2.1.0-dev-[undefined] Pomum morans. Hippomenes sequens. Atalanta fugiens. Sy Ae ri gyp Sy Ae ri gyp Sy Ae gyp ri a a tus, qui A a tus, qui A tus, A qui do sunt do nil ni sunt do nil ni sunt ni nil dem 4 dem ni si ha dem ni si ha ha ni bet, si bet, SOL So Di bet, SOL So Di SOL Di o phi o ae, ny phi o ae, ny ny So phi sum sum nil ni Grae sum nil ni Grae ae, Grae 8 si ci a, SOL si ci a, SOL nil ni ci a si O So si phi O So si phi O SOL si So phi rim ae: rim ae: rim ae: I Cu SIS jus I Cu SIS jus I Cu SIS jus a mem 12 a mem dest bra a mem dest bra dest bra so Ty so Ty ror, phon so Ty ror, phon ror, phon dis I et dis con se et dis con se SIS se a cat, junx cat, ac dis junx cat, ac dis dest dis so se ma se ter, cat, ma se ter, cat, ror, cat, et il la con 17 con il junx la con il junx la junx li ac li gat, ma ac li gat, ma ac gat, ter il la O ter il la O ma il ter la O si li 20 si li ris, gat. si li ris, gat. ris, gat. Sul De phur flu Sul De phur flu De Sul flu it at phur it e at nim, it e at nim, e pu nim, di SUL pu di SUL pu di bun SUL da, PHUR 24 PHUR bun da, quod PHUR bun da, quod quod pu di ge ne pu ge di ne pu ge di ne bun ra da bun ra da vit, bun ra da vit, ma ri vit, pars, a best, ma a ri best, ma a ri best, spar ge 28 pars, ge spar ne pars, ge spar ne sa ne sa ra per vit, sa ra per vit, per ra vit, un a un a das, best. un a das, best. das, best.

EpigrammeEpigram 44.

Adonis Syria, Greece hathhas DionyseDionysus,
ÆgyptEgypt, OsyrisOsiris, all the SunneSun o'thof the wise:
Isis, OsyrisOsiris into peicespieces cuttcut
By cruellcruel Typhon, all together puttput:
But the productive part is lost i'thin the Sea,
For Sulphur Sulphur's father's fled away.

Discourse 44.

The allegory of OsyrisOsiris weewe have elswhereelsewhere (namely in the first
bookebook of HieroglyphicksHieroglyphics) reduced to its true originalloriginal, which is
ChymicallChymical, and fully explaindexplained it: Wherefore here to repeat the
same things (though the same things ought to be spoken of the -
same things) weewe judge superfluous: but neverthelessenevertheless weewe will
here formeform a parallellparallel discourse, which will allwayesalways be and re=
remain within the prisons of that ancient ChymyChymia, which is solely
decanted and decipered by the PoettsPoets: Will you perswadepersuade meeme -
that OsyrisOsiris was a God, or King of the ÆgyptiansEgyptians? I will not be=
believe, though you perswadepersuade meeme to beleivebelieve; For doggsdogs (as it is in -
the Proverb) smell farrefar otherwise, farrefar otherwise Swine: I doedo
plainly deny him to be a God, and you will ascentassent to meeme, unlesseunless
you be a heathen, or of an opinion contradictory to right reason:
And that heehe was noeno King, is demonstrated by all the circum=
stances which are elswhereelsewhere considered: The SunneSun heehe is, but -
PhilosophicallPhilosophical, the name of which being in many authors often at=
tributed to it, the vulgar, who know noeno other light but that of the -
world, have interpreted for it. The Philosophers SunneSun hathhas denomi=
nation from the SunneSun of the world, because it contains the propertyesproperties
of nature descending from that cœlestiallcelestial SunneSun, or agreableagreeable to it: OsyrisOsiris
therefore, Dionysus, Bacchus, Jupiter, Mars, Adonis, ŒdipusOedipus, Perseus, Achil=
les, Triptolemus, Pelops, Hippomenes, and Pollux are the SunneSun: but -
Isis, Juno, Venus, the mother of ŒdipusOedipus, Danaë, Deidamia, Atalanta,
Helena, the MooneMoon; as allsoalso Latona, Semele, Europa, Leda, Antiope -
Thalia. And these are the parts of the compound, which before ope=
ration is called Stone, and by the name of every metallmetal, Magnesia: -
After operation, Orcus, Pyrrhus, Apollo, ÆsculapiusAesculapius. The adjuncts are -
Typhon, Python, the Boar: The Artists are Hercules, UlissessUlysses, Jason, -
Theseus, Pyrithous: The labourslabors and perillsperils, which were undergone by
these artists, are innumerable: The labourslabors of Hercules, the errourserrors of
Ulysses, the perillsperils of Jason, the attempts of Theseus, and the remora's of
Pyrithous may be seen: This is the great volume of matter and doc=
trine, through which in every page Vulcan, Mercury, and SaturneSaturn doedo
runnerun backwards and forwards, the first, as the father and cause of all,
without which nothing is effected, the second, as the matter and formeform,
the third, as the efficient. Sol takes his sister Luna to wife: Jupiter Juno,
as SaturneSaturn Rhea, and OsyrisOsiris Isis: Dionysus is rippdripped out of his mother Se=
mele being burnt by the lighteninglightning of Jove to be matured in the -
thigh of Jupiter his father, ÆsculapiusAesculapius out of Coronis his Mother: Dio=


Discourse 44.

coming to maturity shewsshows men a new way of drinking wine, un=
dertaking an expedition even to the IndyesIndies; OsyrisOsiris and Triptolemus,
the sowing and use of fruit, ÆsculapiusAesculapius, the administration of Me=
dicine: Dionysus soeso calldcalled by the Greeks, is Bacchus with the Romans, -
with the ÆgyptiansEgyptians OsyrisOsiris, with the Syrians Adonis. ŒdipusOedipus killdkilled his father
and marrydmarried his mother; Perseus slew his Grand=-fatherGrandfather, Typhon his bro=
ther OsyrisOsiris, a Boar Adonis, Ceres the nurcenurse of Triptolemus his father
Eleusius; Hippomenes obtainedovercame Atalanta by a golden apple. Tantalus
the father of Pelops obtained Hippodamia by the dispute of a ChariottChariot.
OsyrisOsiris was cuttcut in peicespieces, and joynedjoined together againeagain by Isis his mother,
sister, and wife. The child Pelops was boyldboiled and dressddressed, and his shoulder
eaten by Ceres, and againeagain restordrestored to life, an ivory shoulder being added:
Achilles and Triptolemus were put under coals of fire by night, and in
the day time nourished with milkemilk, AchillesTriptolemus by Ceres his NurceNurse, Tripto=
by his mother Thetis: Achilles and Helena were the causes of the
TrojaneTrojan warrewar, 1Achilles, 5as 6impulsive, 4Helena, 2as 3efficientAchilles, as efficient Helena, as impulsive; Helena was
hatchdhatched of an eggeegg, and at the nuptiallsnuptials of Peleus and Thetis, from whom
Achilles descended, the apple of Eris, the first cause of the rape of -
Helena, was thrownethrown about. Pollux was with the Argonauts, who (if they
lived) are præsupposedpresupposed to have lived near fifty years before the be=
beginning of the TrojaneTrojan warrewar, and Helena with Pollux came both
out of one eggeegg; Helena therefore was an old woman when she was
ravishdravished by Paris: Medea was marrydmarried to Achilles in the Elysian feildsfields,
then an old toothlessetoothless woman: unlesseunless perhaps SheeShe restored youth to
herselfeherself, as SheeShe did to ÆsonAeson, the father of Jason, and as Ceres to Pe=
lops, for which reason heehe is saydsaid to become twice young: Perseus re=
received a flying horse from Pallas, and in recompence brought her
the head of Medusa, to whomewhom Mercury gave a SemitarScimitar, and
other Gods other weapons; Ceres gave Triptolemus a chariot -
with flying Dragons: When Pallas was borneborn of Jupiters brainebrain,
as allsoalso when Sol lay with Venus it rained gold at Rhodes; -
And Jupiter in the formeform of a golden shower had coition with
Danae, as a SwanneSwan compressed Leda, as a CuckowCuckoo his Sister -
Juno, as a Bull Europa, as a SatyreSatyr Antiope, and soeso there
is cohærencecoherence in all . . . . . . . . . .
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