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EmblemeEmblem 26. Of the Secrets of Nature.

The tree of life is the fruit of humanehuman wisedomewisdom.

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EpigrammeEpigram 26.

To greater wisedomewisdom man cannot attaineattain,
Than health with wealth to acquire, if not in vainevain:
SheeShe in her right hand length of dayesdays extends,
Her left vast heaps of treasure comprehends;
To him that shall espouse her as a wife
SheeShe (as the tree) will yeildyield the fruit of life.

Discourse 26.

Tully hathhas excellently described the essentiallessential difference of man, whereby heehe
differs from all other animallsanimals, after this manner: As a bird is intended by nature
for flying, a horse for reasoningrunning, soeso man for reasoning: For as LyonsLions, bears, -
and TygersTigers doedo exercise and delight themselves in fiercenessefierceness, Elephants and
bulls in strength of body, Eagles, Falcons, and other hawkeshawks in the prey of birds,
and swiftnesseswiftness of wings; soeso man excellsexcels those and all others in reason, -
discourse of mind and understanding: soeso that there is noeno fiercenessefierceness, noeno -
corporallcorporal strength, noeno celerity, or such like things in beasts soeso great, as not
to be mitigated, subdued, and prevented by reason alone: For reason is not
a thing humanehuman, or procedingproceeding from the earth, but as the Poet saythsays, a par=
ticle of divine breath, sent from heaven into the body of man: but it is some=
times called memory, sometimes the intellectuallintellectual virtue, to which if use or -
experience be added, wisedomewisdom Springs from thence, which is most pretiousprecious -
to man: For use is reported to be as the father, and reason or memory as the
mother of soeso generous an offspring: From whence that coḿoncommon saying: Use -
begat meeme, and my mother memory brought meeme forth: but the quæstionquestion is,
what is true wisedomewisdom, and most worthy of mans inquisition, there being infi=
nite opinions concerning it, every man interpreting it according to his owneown ima=
gination? It may be answered, that wisedomewisdom in humanehuman things (allwayesalways to be
excepted in divine things relating to the wellfarewelfare of the SouleSoul) consists not
in sophisticallsophistical arguments, not in rhetoricallrhetorical and garnished discoures, not -
in the poeticallpoetical sounds of verses, not in the criticallcritical subtiltyessubtleties of Graḿari=
Grammarians, not in willfullnessewillfullness and obstinacy, in deceiptsdeceits and perjuryesperjuries, in æquivo=
equivocations and lyeslies, in oppression and sweat of the poor, the craft of heaping up
wealth and riches, nor in any thing elselse, but the true knowledge of Chymistry,
together with practice, most coḿodiouscommodious to mankind: This is wisedomewisdom surpassing
all things, which on the right hand goes to the East, on the left to the west, -
and comprehends the whole earth: SalomonSolomon in his bookebook of WisedomeWisdom reasonethreasons
distinctly of wisedomewisdom, saying Chapt. 8. v. 9.18. They that are acquainted with wise*
*Sir. c. 4.13.
*Sir. c. 4.13.
have æternalleternal perseverance, and they that are her freindsfriends synceresincere pleasure,*
*Wis: c. 8.16.

and heehe that diligently enquirethenquires after her, Shall receive much joy, for there is*
*Sir. c. 4.20.

noeno unpleasantnesseunpleasantness in her conversation, but mirth and joy, and though wine
and musickemusic doedo allsoalso chearcheer the heart of man, yet wisedomewisdom


Discourse 26.

is more pleasant -
than them: for SheeShe is a tree of life to them that lay hold on her, and blessed are*
*Wis:.c. 10.10.

they that retaineretain her: Lactantius calls her the aliment of the soulesoul: The wise*
*Prov.c. 3.18.
Lac. b. 3.13.

Shall inherit glory, and heehe that esteems wisedomewisdom Shall be exalted and honouredhonored*
*Prov. 3.35.

by her: for wisedomewisdom advancethadvances her children, and heehe that firmly adheres to her -*
*Sir. 1.24.

Shall be promoted to honourhonor: An immortallimmortal name allsoalso proceeds from her age after*
*Sir. 4. 12.14.

age: SheeShe is more powerfullpowerful than all things, and comforts a wise man more, than*
*Wis:. 6.21.
Wis:. 8.13.

ten mighty Princes that are in the cittycity: To this wisedomewisdom of the world may*
*Wis:. 10.12.

allsoalso be applyedapplied that which is spoken by the Prophet Baruch: LearneLearn true wise*
*Eccle. 7.20.
*Eccle. 7.20.
, and you will find who heehe is that gives long life, wealth, joy, and -*
*Bar. 5[sic]3.14.

peace. And in the 9th Chapter v. 17. of WisedomeWisdom it is affirmed that WisedomeWisdom*
*Wis:. 8.5.18.

is secret advice in the knowledge of God: wisedomewisdom conferrsconfers all things, and infinite*
*Wis:. 7.11.

riches are produc'dproduced from the labourlabor of the hands: yea all good things proceed from
her, and great riches and wealth are in her hands, and heehe that conversethconverses with*

her is raysedraised to honourhonor by her: and Sirach Chapt 1.v.25. In the treasures of wise=
wisdom is understanding and holy knowledge, and elswhereelsewhere heehe calls it the discipline of
sense, or doctrine of the understanding: Concerning this saythsays Morienus the Phi=
losopher: This knowledge is that which drawesdraws its owner from the misery of this
world, and brings him to the knowledge of good things to come: And that it
is the gift of God heehe himselfehimself affirmesaffirms in these words: God conferrsconfers this -
divine and pure knowledge upon his faythfullfaithful servants, that is to say, those -
whomewhom heehe determined from the primitive nature of things to conferreconfer it -
upon through his wonderfullwonderful generosity: And a little after: For this can be
nothing elselse but the guiftgift of the most high God, who coḿittscommits and reveals it
as heehe pleasethpleases, and allsoalso to which of his faythfullfaithful servants heehe pleasethpleases, -
they therefore ought to be humble and alltogetheraltogether subject in all things -
to the omnipotent God: And after: It is convenient allsoalso for you, O King, to -
know that this Magistery is nothing elselse but the most high and great Gods
arcanum and secret of secrets, for this secret heehe coḿittedcommitted to his Prophets,
whose soulessouls heehe hathhas placed in his Paradise: It is allsoalso called the tree of
life, not that is hathhas æternalleternal life in it, but shewsshows as it were the way to it,
and bears fruit wholesome for this life, which it cannot be without, such
as are health, the good things of fortune and mind: for without these a -
man even living is dead, and not much unlike to a brute, though out=
wardly heehe represent him that heehe ought to be, and is not in his better -
partepart . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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