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EmblemeEmblem 16. Of the Secrets of Nature.

One LyonLion hathhas wings, the other none.

Engraved by Verovio 2.1.0-dev-[undefined] Hippom sequens. Atalanta fugiens. Pomum morans. Vic Vic Vic tor tor qua dru tor qua dru pe qua dru pe 3 pe dum LE dum LE O dum LE O O pec to re pec to re for pec to re for tis et tis et for tis et 6 un gue un gue Ab un gue Ab Ab sque me tu sque me tu pu sque me tu pu gnat, gnat, pu gnat, 9 dis si dis si mu dis si mu mu lát que fu lát que fu lát que fu gam: gam: gam: 12 A A A li li ge li ge ge ram ram cui ram cui tu cui tu 15 tu pe di bus pe di bus con pe di bus con con jun ge jun ge jun ge Le Le ae nam, Le ae nam, Quae ae nam, Quae 18 Quae vo lat et vo lat et se vo lat et se cum cum se cum vult re vult re le vult re le 21 le va re ma va re ma va re ma rem: rem: rem: Il Il Il le sed 24 le sed im le sed im mo im mo tus mo tus stat tus stat hu stat hu hu mo, re mo, re ti mo, re ti 27 ti nét que nét que nét que vo vo lan tem; vo lan tem; Haec lan tem; Haec Haec ti bi na ti bi na tu ti bi na 30 tu rae rae tu rae mon stret mon stret i mon stret i i ma go vi ma go vi ma go vi 33 am. am. am.

EpigrammeEpigram 16.

The LyonLion prince of beasts in might and sway
Fights without fear, and scornesscorns to runnerun away:
Give him a Spouse with wings of his owneown race,
To mount him with herselfeherself from place to place;
But heehe immoved stands, and nulls her force,
By EmblemeEmblem to demonstrate Natures course.

Discourse 16.

It is a thing knowneknown by experience that a LyonLion excellsexcels other animallsanimals not
soeso much in bignessebigness and strength of body, as generosity: if heehe be seen in -
hunting, being ashamdashamed to runnerun away, heehe releasethreleases himselfehimself by degrees,
if heehe be oppressdoppressed by a multitude: being removed from the view of the -
hunters, heehe makes hast away, thinking it a dishonourdishonor to be excusdexcused by ab=
sconding: heehe desires a wood in flight, which heehe usethuses, when anything
pursues: his bones are solid and not at all empty, which are saydsaid to be
soeso hard, that being shakdshaked together they yeildyield fire as out of a Steel and -
flint. HeeHe fears fire above all things. HeeHe seems to derive his substance
from the nature of the SunneSun, for in force and heat heehe excellsexcels other -
animallsanimals, as the SunneSun dothdoes the StarrsStars: Besides heehe is allwaysalways beheld with
fiery and open eyes, as the SunneSun beholds the earth with an open and -
fiery eye: a LionesseLioness fighting for her whelps fixethfixes her eyes upon the -
ground, that SheeShe may not be afraydafraid of the hunters Staffs and Spears. -
where a LyonLion perceives the coition of a Leopard, heehe takes revenge -
upon the LionesseLioness for adultery, and inflicts severe punnishmentpunishment; -
The LionesseLioness therefore washethwashes away the offenceoffense and scent in a river, -
or being conscious of the trespassetrespass dothdoes allsoalso accompany the adulterer -
flying for fear of the male: Which wonderfullwonderful nature of this beast the
Philosophers contemplating, have produced severallseveral allegoryesallegories of the
LyonLion, as it were hieroglyphicallhieroglyphical writings testifying of their secret -
workework, observing the LyonLion to be a constant, firmefirm animallanimal, without -
deceiptdeceit and suspicion, they assimilated the better part of their Phi=
Philosophical composition to him: for as heehe flyesflies not, soeso neither this: -
heehe with solid bones, soeso this fixed and not to be overcome: and as -
the LionesseLioness is not allwaysalways innocent and free from adultery, soeso -
is neither Luna nor Mercury without some blemish, but is joynedjoined
by the ignorant sometimes to this, sometimes to that matter, where=
by an adulterous conjunction of things discrepant and different in
nature rather than true matrimony is established: for the products
of a Leopard and LionesseLioness have noeno specious and comely mainsmanes -
about the neckeneck and Shoulders; with which ensigneensign those generated
by the LyonLion are alone adorned. The PhilosophicallPhilosophical LionesseLioness must
therefore be joynedjoined to her proper mate or male, and a genuine -
and generous whelp will from thence Spring, which may easily
be knowneknown by his paw. But the LionesseLioness must not be any or -
what you please, but winged, which may be able to fight and
contest with the LyonLion, depending upon the SwiftnesseSwiftness of her -
plumes, lest (to wittwit) SheeShe Should be oppressed by his extraordi=
nary wrath, but to thinkethink upon escape,


Discourse 16.

if at any time heehe fall
into fury without cause, for heehe when heehe stops her flying -
is incited with greater love towards her, freindshipfriendship being made after discord. -
But you will say who ever saw a LionesseLioness with wings, or what can the plumes
of a LionesseLioness avayleavail? There is a deep valley near the mountainemountain CythæronCithaeron,
in which are seen none but flying Lionesses, and at the top of the same -
mountainemountain resorts a red LyonLion of that kind, which Hercules killed. The -
LyonLion therefore must be taken, and brought into the valley, and forthwith
coupled to the winged LionesseLioness: SheeShe allsoalso will easily suffer herselfeherself to
be overcome, as like by like: afterwards they must be both advanced
out of the saydsaid valley to the top of the mountainemountain, and henceforth they
will never desert one another, but allwayesalways remaineremain together in inviolable
amity: The taking of LyonsLions. I confesseconfess, is not easy, but obnoxious to many -
dangers, neverthelessenevertheless it must be attempted: a LyonLion feeds not with the -
LionesseLioness, but strayesstrays apart, as story relates, therefore they are to be found and
hunted severally: But if the LyonsLions whelps be obtaindobtained in their infancy, when
they first begin to goego, which is at two monethsmonths age, and be joynedjoined, as afore=
said, being come to good growth and stature, the thing will be free from -
any danger. Moreover they breed in the Spring time, which must be well
observed: b
ut LyonsLions after whelping using crossecross and winding wayesways, to
præventprevent the discovery of their denneden, therefore must they be sought and
their whelps taken away with very great diligence and care . . . .
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