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EmblemeEmblem 22. Of the Secrets of Nature.

Having acquired white lead doedo the workework of women, that is, BoyleBoil.

Engraved by Verovio 2.1.0-dev-[undefined] Hippom sequens. Atalanta fugiens. Pomum morans Quis quis Quis quis a Quis quis a a mas fa ci mas fa ci li mul mas fa ci 3 li mul tum tum prae sta li mul prae sta re re la tum prae la bo sta re la 6 bo re, Sa re, Sa tur ni bo re, Sa tur ni in in fa ci tur ni in fa ci em (quae ni em (quae fa ci em 9 gra) spar ni gra) spar (quae ni gra) ge ni ves, ni ge ni ves, ni spar ge ni ves: ves: ves: Et Et da Et da bi 13 da bi tur ti bi tur ti bi ma tur ti bi bi ma te te ri ma te ri ri es es al es al 16 al bis si ma bis si ma plum bis si ma plum bi, Post bi, Post quod, plum bi, Post quod, foe foe mi quod, foe mi 19 mi ne um nil ni ne um nil ne um si re ni si re nil ni si stat o pus, o stat o pus, o re stat o pus. pus. pus. 23 Tum Tum CO Tum co QUE, CO QUE ceu QUE ceu mu li ceu mu li mu li er quae er quae col lo er, quae 26 col lo cat cat i col lo cat i gni bus gni bus ol i gni bus ol las, Fac las, Fac sed ut ol las, Fac 29 sed ut in in pro pri sed ut in pro pri is TRU is TRU TA pro pri is TA li li que TRU TA li 32 que scat a quis, a scat a quis, a que scat a quis. quis. quis.

EpigrammeEpigram 22.

If much with little pains you would effect,
The livid Spots of Saturn's face correct,
And make as white as Snow: when this is done,
A woman may the rest performeperform alone;
Coct then, as SheeShe, placing her pottspots on fire,
But th'the water must be such as things require.

Discourse 22.

As MercuriallMercurial Statues are coḿonlycommonly placed in roads where three wayesways meet, to=
gether with a title and inscription, to guide doubtfulldoubtful travellers into the right
way, soeso allsoalso are certainecertain acute sentences inferred in many of their books
and volumsvolumes of the Philosophers, here and there allegoricallallegorical and dubious, that
the investigator of truth may thereby be admonished, and led as it were by
the hand into the right path: of these this emblematicallemblematical inscription is one,
whereof this is accounted the meaning, that lead must be made of the Phi=
Philosophical brassebrass, and tinnetin of lead, which by Geber is called white lead,
who teachethteaches allsoalso, which way SaturneSaturn may by washing with Mercury be
converted into Jupiter; wherefore this index, though the speech of Battus,
must be credited, if at any time heehe discover the PhilosophicallPhilosophical oxen, -
what place they frequent, saying, they were in the mountains, and were -
under those mountains: for many men, as Arnold in Novum lumen Chapt. 1.
affirmesaffirms, wandringwandering in the mountains doedo not know these animallsanimals: but they
are sold openly at a very small price: In the Summer allsoalso Snow is some=
times observed on the highest mountainesmountains, and clouds most coḿonlycommonly, by -
which as by a vapourvapor and water lead being blackeblack is washed, and turned in=
to whitenessewhiteness: but their crystallscrystals are found congealed and hardened by ice
in the lowest vallyesvalleys and mynesmines, together with Lapis Specularis, and TalkeTalc -
coḿendedcommended for making the face white and beautifullbeautiful, if an oyleoil be made -
thereof: But cheifelychiefly clear and running Mercury, which being well præparedprepared
rectifyesrectifies the blemishes of SaturneSaturn, and advancethadvances him into the throne of
Jupiter: but they ought not to be meant vulgar SaturneSaturn and Jupiter, be=
cause vulgar metallsmetals enter not into the PhysicallPhysical workework, but as they are purged
and made PhysicallPhysical by long præparationpreparation: SaturneSaturn is the father of all the -
gentiles, or rather golden things, and the first gate of secrets: With this, SaythSays
Rhasis in his Epistle, are the gates of Sciences opened: His SonneSon Jupiter -
Succeeds him, who expellsexpels his father out of his kingdomekingdom, and dismembreddismembered him,
that heehe might not beget more SonnsSons; but Venus the most beautifullbeautiful of wo=
men sprung from his testicles being cast into the Sea: From Jupiter, who is
hotthot lead præparedprepared, are produced the other Planets, as Mars from Juno, Mer=
cury from MajaMaia, the daughter of Atlas a mountainemountain of Mauritania, -
Luna and Sol from Latona: which four are brought into the world by coc=
tion alone or womens workework:


Discourse 22.

but by coction, maturation and the dispersion
of the more crude parts is signifydsignified, which is performdperformed by Vulcan in Philo=
Philosophical vessellsvessels: for its is not to be supposdsupposed, that it is vulgar coction, as to -
the way of operating, but it agrees with it as to the end: For as a woman ma=
tures fish in water, that is, softens, boylesboils and seethssees them, all the superfluous mois=
ture being resolved from them into water and aireair, SoeSo the Philosopher handles
his subject, macerating, melting, dissolving, coagulating and fixing it in a pecu=
liar water, which is stronger than the sharpest vinegar, in the vessellvessel of Her=
mes, the joyntsjoints of which are most exquisitely close, as is requisite, that the wa=
ter may not exhale, and that, which is in the vessellvessel, be burned: This is -
that vessellvessel above the vessellvessel, and the Philosophers pottpot, the Laconian bath,
in which the old man sweats: Some there are, who boyleboil fish, Lobsters, Crabs,
or green Peas in a double, soeso that the saydsaid things are in the upper pottpot, and
water onelyonly in the lower, and the pottspots are placed one above the other with
orbesorbs, that the vapourvapor may not goego forth: by which means the vapourvapor of -
the water ascending onelyonly penetrates and matures the things contained, -
and makes them much more tender and soft, than if they had boyledboiled in -
water: This is the most laudable way of the Philosophers, whereby they
mollify that which is hard, dissolve that which is compact, and rarefy that
which is thickethick: For the aireair or insensible vapourvapor is that which matures, -
cocts, and perfects fruits in trees, not crude and cold water, as such: The -
aireair is allsoalso that which tingethtinges and colourethcolors the golden apples in the Or=
chards of the Hesperides: For, if it weewe well considered, the ebullition of
water, whereby raw flesh is cocted till it be fittfit to eat, is nothing elselse, but a ra=
refaction and transmutation of the water into an airy vapourvapor, the bubbles
being aireair containdcontained within the water, which doedo easily vanish away, the
aireair betaking itselfeitself from the water to its owneown Sphere, and the water -
settling to its owneown center . . . . . . . . . .
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