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EmblemeEmblem 4. Of the Secrets of Nature.

JoyneJoin the Brother with the Sister and give them a cup of love.

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EpigrammeEpigram 4.

To multiply the world with humanehuman race,
The brother mustdid his sister close embrace:
Let therefore one the other freindlyfriendly wed,
That they may act as man and wife in bed:
First to incite, præpareprepare a cup o'thof the best,
And then they both will freely doedo the rest.

Discourse 4.

The divine and politicallpolitical laweslaws doedo both forbid those people to marry, who are by
nature joynedjoined in too near a degree of consanguinity, such namely as directly ascend and des=
cend in a genealogicallgenealogical line, and that for very good considerations; but when the -
Philosophers speakespeak of the mother to be joyndjoined with the SonneSon, or father with the
daughter, or of the brother with the Sister, they neither say or doedo anything contrary
to the saydsaid laws: because subjects distinguish attributes and causes effects; for the
persons of Philosophers are as free from those differences as well as the SonnsSons and daugh=
ters of Adam, who marryedmarried one with another without the imputation of any -
crime: but the principallprincipal reason seems to be, that man=-kindmankind might be more -
firmly united and linked in affinity and freindshipfriendship, and not be divided into -
inimicallinimical and hæreditaryhereditary factions of familyesfamilies: the same reason remaining -
firmefirm and entire in the first SonnsSons and daughters of Adam, did not as all de=
debar them from the rightsrites of matrimony: for man=-kindmankind did then exist in*

them alone, and noeno others were living besides them, and their parents, and -
therefore as ally'dallied in blood, soeso necessarily were they joynedjoined in affinity: but
a multitude of men increasing, and being distributed into innumerable fa=
families, this was found a true and just cause why brothers Should not marry
Sisters: The Philosophers have another reason, why Sisters may marry -
brothers, namely the similitude of substance, that it may be joynedjoined to -
the like: but in this kind there are onely two like one another as to species,
different as to sex, whereof one is saluted by the name of brother, the -
other of sister: they therefore may be the same both liberty and condi=
tion, yea and inevitable necessity, as the first consanguine men, be lawfully
coḿittedcommitted to one matrimony: the brother is hotthot and dry, and therefore ve=
ry cholerickecholeric; the Sister is cold and moist, having much phlegmatickephlegmatic -
matter in her: which natures soeso differing in temper doedo coḿonlycommonly best -
agree in love and fruitfullnessefruitfulness, and the propagation of Children: for as
fire, which may be propagated, is not easily struckestruck out of the most hard
body Steel and Steel, nor out of the brittle flint and flint, but out of hard
and brittle, that is, steel and flint, soeso a lively offspring is not produ=
ced from a hotthot man and fiery woman, as neither from both


Discourse 4.

cold (for the
coldnessecoldness of the man is barrenessebarrenness) but from him hotthot, her more cold, -
for, in the latitude of humanehuman temperament, the hottest woman is con=
cluded colder than the coldest man of his sex, if sound, as Lev. Lemnius
in lib. de occ. nat. mirac. proves: the Sister therefore and brother are -
rightly joynedjoined together by the Philosophers: If a man defines offspring
from a hennehen, bitch, SheeShe goat, Ewe, or other brutes, heehe joynesjoins a doggedog
cockecock, doggedog, heehe goat, rammeram, every animallanimal to its Species, to which it is
most like, and soeso is not frustrated of his desire; nor indeed dothdoes heehe -
respect the consanguinity of brutes, but onelyonly the generosity of every
one, and the congruity of nature: SoeSo may it be saydsaid of the body of a tree,
and the slippeslip to be therein grafted, yea of the metallicke -
nature, which notwithstanding as it hathhas of all things the greatest -
similitude and homogeneity of substance, dothdoes soeso require, where it
desires a thing to be joynedjoined with it: But brother and Sister being joyndjoined
together, doedo not become fruitfullfruitful, nor persist long in love, except a Philo=
thesium, or cup of love be administredadministered to them like an amorous potion: -
for their minds are hereby soeso quieted and united, that (laying aside mo=
desty) they doedo as it were drunkedrunk (like Lot) goego together, and procreate -
an offspring (not spurious but) legitimate: For who knowesknows not that man=
kind is very much obliged to medicine, because many thousands of men -
are now in the world, which would not have been, if their fathers or fore=
fathers had not by the means and benefit thereof been freed and delivered
from the defect of sterility, or their mothers præservedpreserved from abortion, by removing -
and taking away the cause, or the nearest, and remote impediment? This
cup of love is therfore given to this new marrydmarried couple for the same reasons,
which any man may hereby plainly understand are three, that is to say, -
constancy of love, remotion of sterility, and præventionprevention of abortion . .
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