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Michael MajerusMaierus Doctor of PhysickePhysic, PræsidentPresident of
the ImperiallImperial Consistory, Knight etc. most humbly
offers, presents, and dedicates this testimony (such
as it is) of his good will and gratitude to the most
magnificent, famous, and most excellent Sena=
tory Order of the ImperiallImperial RepublickeRepublic of --
Mülhausen in Thuringia, consisting of men
incomparable for virtue, learning, and --
true noblenessenobleness of mind;

as allsoalso
to the most vigilant SyndickeSyndic thereof of Christopher
Reinart, a most eminent Doctor of both laweslaws, etc.
being all his honored and much esteemed -
freindsfriends and Masters
Most honorable and most prudent Senators!

As touching that Tripos -
given by Vulcan to Pelops the BridegroomeBridegroom when heehe marryedmarried Hippo=
damia the daughter of Oënomaus King of Elis, they report, that, being of
singular artifice, it was againeagain presented by Pelops to Apollo Pythius at
Delphos, upon which oracles were by the inspiration of that God from -
thenceforth uttered by a Virgin: 004SoeSo this Tripes (curiously wrought by -
Vulcan) coming to my hand, moved by the example of Pelops, I resolved
to present and consecrate it to the most worthy place and order, and in=
deed before all others, to your HonoursHonors and ExcellencyesExcellencies, yet not to the
end that Oracles should arise from thence (though they cannot be here ex=
pected, but ChymicallChymical things) but to testify publicklypublicly the promptitude and
good will of my mind some way towards you, who in your most high -
and worthy state were some few years since pleasdpleased to declare to meeme -*
of blessed me=
mory. . .

then serving as PhysitianPhysician to his CæsareanCaesarean Majesty Rudolph 2.dII your opini=
on thereto relating: after which time I have allwayesalways, soeso farrefar as my ability
could extend, advanced your virtues abroad not only by words, but have -
allsoalso been carefullcareful and studious how I might actually and more evidently
declare and more abundantly discharge my mind to the same, but ap=
prehending it could not be done otherwise than by some present of -
literature, and having taken some pains in this running Atalanta, I was
desirous to dedicate it wholywholly, as it is, to your HonoursHonors and ExcellencyesExcellencies, -
herein imitating the writers both of our and former ages, who would ne=
never appear in publickpublic without the conduct of a Scipio, for if they
Should have fallen, who could have help'dhelped them? I entreat that I
may termeterm you the patrons of this little workework, not that you have exer=
cised either hand or mind, soeso farrefar as I know, in this study 005(for neither -
have you soeso much leisure from most weighty affairs) but because you -
seem to meeme able to defend any branch of learning, and as the case stands
I have not mettmet with any matter more worthy, or more honest, abuse ex=
cepted and excluded: let it be what it will, esteem of my endeavoursendeavors, not
according to the meanessemeanness of the writing, but the candor of my mind, -
which I am assurdassured of, and for the future receive and register meeme -
amongst the most dutifulldutiful of your HonoursHonors servants. Farewell.

Frankfurt ad MænumMaenum
1617. August. . . .
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