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EmblemeEmblem 3. Of the Secrets of Nature.

GoeGo to the woman washing cloathsclothes, and doedo you after the same manner.

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EpigrammeEpigram 3.

If you delight to dive in things abstruse,
Be vigilant, observe what may conduce:
DoeDo you not see, how women wash and boyleboil
Their cloathsclothes in waters hotthot, if they gettget soylesoil?
Pursue their steps, you cannot goego astray,
For water washeth any filth away.

Discourse 3.

If some certainecertainany impurityesimpurities happen to linnenlinen cloathsclothes, whereby they are spot=
ted and blackeblack, as with earthy recrements, they are washdwashed away by the next -
Element, namely water, and the cloathsclothes exposed to the aireair, that the moisture -
together with the fæcesfeces may be drawnedrawn out by the heat of the SunneSun, as by -
fire, the fourth Element, if this be often done the cloathsclothes, which before were
foulefoul and uncleaneunclean, doedo become pure, and purgedfree from Spots: This is the art of
women, which they learned from Nature herselfeherself: for weewe see, that if the bones of
animallsanimals, which at first are blackeblack and filthy, be exposed to the aireair, and often
washdwashed with rainerain, and dryeddried agayneagain by the heat of the SunneSun often coming upon
them, they will, as IsaackeIsaac notes, be reduced to perfect whitenessewhiteness: The same -
allsoalso were observdobserved in the PhilosophicallPhilosophical subject, whatsoever crudityescrudities and =
feces appear, they are purged and taken away by their waters poured on, and the
body is brought to great clarity and perfection. For all ChymicallChymical operations,
as Calcination, Sublimation, Solution, Distillation, Descension, Coagulation, Fixa=
tion, and the rest, are perfected by ablution alone: For heehe that washethwashes an -
impure thing with water, performs the same thing, as is accomplished by soeso -
many forms of operating: For, as the Philosophers Rosary saythsays, the linnenlinen of
prince Duenech being defiled by sweat, must be washed by fire, and burned -
by water: by which fire and water seem to have given one another mutuallmutual qua=
qualities, or that the PhilosophicallPhilosophical fire is not of the same kind with coḿoncommon fire, and
the same must be supposdsupposed of the water. As for Calx vive, and ignis GræcusGraecus weewe
know that they are kindled by water, and noeno wise extinguished, contrary to -
the nature of other things that are subject to take fire: soeso they affirmeaffirm that
Camphore being kindled before burnes in water: and the Stone calldcalled Gagates (as
Ansell de BoodAnselm de Boodt attests) being kindled is more easily extinguished by oyleoil -
than by water: for OyleOil is notmixed with it, and suffocates the fired body:
water not being able to mix itselfeitself with fattnessefatness, gives place to the body -
being fired, unlesseunless it alltogetheraltogether cover and overwhelmeoverwhelm it: but that can=
not easily be done, because it is a stone, and swims upon the top of the -
water, as all oyleoil: SoeSo Naphta, Petroleum, and the like being kindled doedo
not much fear water. Some write of the Subterranean coals in the dominion
of Liege, that being kindled in the earth, they cannot be extinguished by
water, but onelyonly by throwing and heaping the dust of the earth upon them:


Discourse 3.

Cor: Tacitus declares of the like kind of fire, which cannot be quenched
by water, but onelyonly by clubs, and garments taken ofoff from the body: there
is therefore a great diversity of 1fires, 8and 9noeno 10lesseless 11of 12liquors, 2both 3in 4exciting -
5and 6in 7extinguishing, 13because
fires, both in exciting and in extinguishing and no
less of liquors, because
milkemilk, vinegar, Spirit of wine, Aqua fortis,
aqua Regia, and coḿoncommon water doedo differ much one from another, as to com=
parison with fire: nor this onelyonly, but allsoalso the matter itselfeitself dothdoes some=
times sustainesustain fire, as those fine Byssinian cloathsclothes, formerly used and
esteemed by rich men, which were washdwashed, or reduced to former cleanessecleanness,
by fire, not by water, the fæcesfeces being burned away: Whatsoever some men
vainly talketalk of the haireshairs of the reptile Salamander, as if incombustible
Elychnia or lamp wieckslamp wicks may be made thereof, is not to be regarded: Some there be who of a
truth affirmeaffirm that in times past a texture was præparedprepared of TalkeTalc, plumous Alum,
and such other matters, which was frequently purged by fire, but that the art -
was lost and extinct with the artist (a woman of Antwerp) through envy, and that
the same temperament could not be found afterwards: WeeWe doedo not here speakespeak of
combustible matters: The PhilosophicallPhilosophical Subject must be considered according
to all these differences, if at any time it be præparedprepared: for fire, water, and matter
itselfeitself is here not coḿoncommon: for the Philosophers fire is water, and water fire: -
their water dothdoes at once both wash and calcine, soeso allsoalso their fire: and the -
cloathsclothes which are to be washdwashed have the nature of the byssinean textures, or
præparedprepared TalkeTalc, the temperament of which, and art of præparationpreparation is allsoalso -
not obvious to all men: To wash them, they make a Lixivium, or Lye, not -
with the ashes, or Salt of Oaks,
but metallickemetallic, which is more durable than -
the other, nor with coḿoncommon water,
but that, which hathhas been congeledcongealed into -
Ice and Snow under the signesign AquaryAquarius, as that which is of thinner parts, than -
standing waters of ditches or Marshes, and therefore can better penetrate into
the more internallinternal parts of the blackeblack and unclean PhilosophicallPhilsophical body, in -
order to the washing and purging thereof
. . . . . . .
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