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EmblemeEmblem 19. Of the Secrets of Nature.

If you kill one of the fowerfour, they will all suddenly dyedie.

Engraved by Verovio 2.1.0-dev-[undefined] Atalanta fugiens. Hippom sequens. Pomum morans Bis du o Bis Bis du o stant du o stant fra 3 fra tres long stant fra tres long o o or di tres long o or di ne, ne, pon de or di ne, pon de ra ra ter pon de ra ter rae Quo 7 rae Quo rum ter rae Quo rum u nus u nus rum u dex trâ dex trâ su sti net, nus dex trâ su sti net, al ter a su sti net, al ter a al ter a 11 quae: quae: quae: A ë ris A A ë ris at que ë ris at at que i i gnis re que i gnis re li 15 li quis gnis re li quis est est por ti quis est por ti o, o, si por ti o, si vis Ut vis Ut si vis pe re ant, 19 pe re ant, Ut pe u num u num tu mo re ant, u num tu mo mor te pre tu mo mor te pre mor te pre mas: mas: mas: 23 Et con san Et Et con san gui con san gui ne ne o gui ne o tol tol len o tol len tur fu 27 tur fu ne len tur ne re re cun fu ne re cun cti, Na cti, Na tu rae cun cti, Na tu rae qui a qui a tu rae qui e os 31 e os mu tu a a e os mu tu a vin cla li mu tu a vin cla li vin cla li gant. gant. gant.

EpigrammeEpigram 19.

Behold! fourefour brethen here together stand,
One having earth, water the next in hand,
The third holds aireair, and fire the fourth alone:
If you would all destroy, kill onelyonly one,
And they will all forthwith resigneresign to death,
Their lives depending joyntlyjointly on one breath.

Discourse 19.

The PoettsPoets doedo feignefeign Geryon King of SpayneSpain to have been tricorporealltricorporeal, -
who had oxen of a purple colourcolor, which a doggedog with two heads, and a Dragon
with seven were chargdcharged with as warders: and the same Geryon is reported to be
the SonneSon of Chrysaor sprung from the blood of Medusa, and that Dragon the -
SonneSon of Typhon, and Echidna: which things agreingagreeing with noeno hystoryhistory, or truth
of the matter, as it sounds, and making a noysenoise in all ChymicallChymical AllegoryesAllegories, -
they are not without added hereto by us: But by the three bodyesbodies of Geryon weewe
meanemean three faces beheld in one father, according to the sense of Hermes, or as -
others would have it, fourefour, having regard to soeso many Elements: For of a Qua=
drangle ought a triangle to be made, as that made of a circle, soeso this to re=
return into a circle: And the consanguinity and naturallnatural conjunction of the
bodyesbodies of Geryon, or the Elements is soeso great, that one being overcome or -
killdkilled, the rest allsoalso dyedie of themselves and putrefy, without the administration
of any manuallmanual force: As to things with two bodyesbodies it is knowneknown, that one being
dead, the other allsoalso wastswastes and consumes: as in Italy weewe have seen a boy -
fourefour years of age with two bodyesbodies, who absconded the head of his brother cleaving
to him, within his owneown body, the other parts hung downedown to the navillnavel, where
they were bound or joyndjoined together: But if heehe, that hung downedown, and being
much lesseless, was carryedcarried by the other, Should be touchdtouched about the hands or -
feet too hard, the bigger did hereby feelefeel painepain, yea allsoalso hunger, if the lesseless
wanted food: And this is the combination and sympathy of nature, whereby
the members and parts of one body, or joyndjoined with another are mutually -
moved and affected together; whereof if one sound and unhurt, yet -
the other doedo not thereby necessarily continue sound and unhurt, but if
greivouslygrievously hurt, the rest doedo allsoalso sympathize, and perish by the same -
malady: SoeSo if a neighbourneighbor gains much, noeno profit thereby accrewsaccrues to his -
neighbourneighbor, but if heehe Suffers losseloss by fire, his neighbourneighbor receives much -
damage: for your affairesaffairs are in danger when your neighboursneighbors house hathhas -
taken fire: It is not therefore a thing contradictory to truth, for the other
three to dyedie, by the destruction of one of these fourefour brethren, seingseeing that
it may happen diversdiverse wayesways, either by finding the same ends as beginingsbeginnings
of life being borneborn at one birth both by father and mother, as weewe -
have read has happened to some, perhaps by the inclination of the
starrsstars, or by being joynedjoined together not onelyonly in soulessouls, but allsoalso ligaments
of the body, or by


Discourse 19.

consternation of mind, by strong imagination in time
of pestilence, or by the vow of a league: A certainecertain heathenish people
livdlived by the name of Pythagoreans in the IndyesIndies under the govern=
ment of the great MogullMogul (who now reigns there the nineth of the -
Successors of Tamberlan) amongst whomewhom this ancient customecustom is hither=
to observed, that if the husband dyedie, his wife is burndburned with fire, or as -
now, lives perpetually in the highest infamy, deserted by all, and es=
esteemed as a dead woman, which was therefore done, that the wives -
might not kill themselves by poysonpoison for their husbands, unlesseunless allsoalso -
they were willing to dyedie: SoeSo in the PhilosophicallPhilosophical workework, one of the bre=
thren being dead, the other doedo allsoalso perish by fire, not compulsively, but
voluntarily, that they may not survive in sorrow and infamy: or if one be
assaulted with a club, sword, or stone, heehe will commence civillcivil warrewar with
his brethren, as appears in the GyantsGiants sprung from the teeth of a dragon -
opposing Jason, and elswhere allsoalso Cadmus, and soeso they will all fall by -
mutuallmutual destruction: For touch or hurt him that carryescarries aireair, and heehe will
insurge against those two together which are nearest to him, namely him
that carryescarries water, and him that carryescarries fire, and these will on both sides -
oppose themselves agaynstagainst him that carryescarries earth, and him that first promo=
ted the quarrellquarrel, till they have given and received mutuallmutual wounds, of -
which they dyedie: For it is thus decreed amongst the brethren, that the more -
earnestly and vehemently they love one another, if once they begin to hate, -
they are not to be reconciled, but pursue one another to death, as the most -
bitter choler is generated from the sweetest honey in a stomackestomach too hotthot, or the
Liver being corrupted. Kill therefore him that is alive, but soeso, as being dead
to quicken him againeagain, otherwise the death of him killdkilled avaylesavails you nothing; -
for death will manifest him, that is to say, after resurrection, and death, -
darkenessedarkness, and the sea will fly from him, as Hermes asserts, and the Dragon -
which observdobserved the holes will avoydavoid the rayesrays of the SunneSun, and our dead -
SonneSon livethlives, and the King comethcomes by fire: Bellinus in his Metaphor in the*
*Chapt 3...

Rosary signifyessignifies the same thing, saying: And let this be done, when you -
have drawnedrawn meeme partly from my nature, and my wife partly from her -
nature, you must then allsoalso kill the natures, and weewe are quickened by -
a new and spirituallspiritual resurrection, soeso that afterwards weewe cannot dyedie. .
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